Client Success Stories

Dr. Patti MT Ministries - Today with Dr. Patti

Media Marketing Services

Today With Dr. Patti is a weekly television and social media broadcast.  Utilizing the services of Video Production as well as Picture and Motion Graphic Design, the Dream Factory was able to assist Dr. Patti MT Ministries in the production of their weekly broadcast. 

Dr. Eric Thomas - Break The Cycle

Staff Training & Event Production

Over 27 years ago, Eric Thomas shared  his dream of holding a city-wide conference for at-risk youth. This collaboration turned into a a hugely successful three-day event.  The Dream Factory has assisted Dr. Thomas with staff development and training. 

Cirrus Technologies

Business Development Services

Cirrus Technologies received Business Development Services from the Dream Factory in the form of Business Plan Writing and Core Services Development. The Business Development Services received from The Dream Factory enabled  Cirrus Technology to raise over $1.3 million in start-up funding.

Angel's Wings Transport

Business Development Services

Angel’s Wings Transportation was a multi-million dollar transportation company that was birthed through the Business Development Services Department of The Dream Factory.

Grapho Publishing & Multimedia

Meet Our Newest Client

Grapho is our newest client at The Dream Factory.  We are very excited about our relationship with Grapho as we help to bring this business dream into reality.  Our partnership with Grapho is very special in that it will allow you to witness first-hand the process and results of helping bringing someone’s business dreams into reality.  Please be sure to subscribe and follow us on Social Media to join us on our journey.

Business Development Services

Grapho has been going through a very rigorous Business Development Process with The Dream Factory.  As the only authorized retailer of The Mack Tucker Group’s “Path To Prosperity” we are utilizing the Business Development Framework of The Mack Tucker Group.  Please subscribe to our social media channels to watch our upcoming video series on the development of Grapho.

Media Marketing Services

Every successful company must tell it’s story.  In this media-rich society, there are many methods and tools to tell your story and get your message in front of potential customers.  But who are those customers and what is the best way to communicate with them.  

The Media Development Services of The Dream Factory are based on the Market-Research framework of the “Path to Prosperity” 

Office Automation Services

No business success story is complete without implementation and growth.  The Dream Factory’s Office Automation Services will help you automate your business processes and media relations so you can move your business forward to success.